Wedding Dance Floor Hire Birmingham

large led white backdropDance Floors of all types are a good way of defining a dance area. Typically if a venue has carpet, Dance floors are an ideal way to create a dancing area leaving the carpet intact. We cover all regions In the Midlands, Staffordshire, and Worcestershire. What’s a wedding reception without some dancing? Fortunately, We have plenty of options for wedding dance floor hire Birmingham to suit every style and budget.

Black and White Dance Floor Hire:
We at ‘Wedding DJ Birmingham’ are now pleased to offer a Black and White Dance Floor; this brings style and elegance to any event, including Weddings, birthdays, proms, etc. Our black and white dance floors are solid with a beautiful shiny finish and are kept in perfect condition.

Our black and white dance floors come in sections of 2ft by 2ft (600mmx600mm)and come with aluminium sloping edging, perfect for easy access for guests entering and leaving the dance floor.

As with all our Dance Floors, they are ideal for barns and hotels. We can also provide services like Mobile Discos, uplighters, balloons, LED Curtains, chair covers etc., so we can normally provide all of this in 1 visit. Also, you are dealing with one company instead of three or four separate companies, which should work out cheaper and less hassle.


Black starlit dance Floor Hire:
These are truly amazing and can give the wow factor to any party. There are many bright LED lights which a controller can control. The Starlit Dance Floor is also ideal for catwalks, fashion shows or walkways for an awards night, as they are designed to be square or rectangular.

Led Dance floors

As a rough guide, We allow around 30% of your guests will be dancing at any one time. Or if you tell us about the venue, we may know it and we can tell you roughly what space is available. Below is a table to work out roughly what size dance floor you require, the following sizes are our most common but we can provide other sizes to suit yourselves and the venue.

Total Guests Dancing Guests Size
Up to 100< 30 12ft x 12ft
100 - 150 45 14ft x 14ft
130 - 220 60 16ft x 16ft
200 - 260 80 18ft x 18ft
240 - 320 105 20ft x 20ft
300 - 420 140 22ft x 22ft
350 - 500 175 24ft x 24ft
400+ 200+ 28ft x 28ft

Hire Dance Floor for Weddings

To hire a dance floor for weddings is an excellent way to elevate the energy and atmosphere of your special day. Whether you’re looking to create an intimate gathering or host a grand celebration, a dance floor rental can provide the perfect ambiance for your guests to let their hair down and have some fun. With various sizes, colors, and styles available, we can customize your dance floor rental to match the theme and decor of your wedding.

We may also recommend our top wedding venue pick such as Shottle Hall Derbyshire, Hogarths Hotel, Merriscourt near Chipping Norton and more– and invite you to enquire now!

Check out our wedding services page as we have plenty of options available. Call us today! – 0121 532 8331 or 07812 391 111

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